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Black Stripe Dog Tipi

Black Stripe Dog Tipi



These tipis are so cute we wish we could curl up & fall asleep inside of them!

Give your pet a unique and super cosy place they can call home, with this printed black stripe tipi. Each tipi is handcrafted in London from 100% hand printed cotton, locally sourced wood and faux leather cord. No two tipis are the same. Included with your purchase are a bright selection of feathers, but your dog can decorate their tipi however they wish (fairy lights look cool).

The tipi is really easy to assemble. Simply tie the cord around the top of the poles and lay out how you wish, ideally over your dog's bed or blanket so they have a cosy little den.

Measuring approximately:
Height 30.3″ including poles,
Front width 18.8″, this 5 sided Tipi is perfect for small dogs.
Remove poles and spot clean, machine wash will fade the print.
Not recommended for outdoor use.

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