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Scottish Waxed Cotton Black Dog Collar

Scottish Waxed Cotton Black Dog Collar



The evolution of Scottish Waxed Cotton began in the early 19th century, when sailors, seeking protection from icy spray and high winds, treated old linen sailcloth with linseed oil to create simple smocks.

Technical and industrial innovations across the 19th and 20th centuries saw changes to both the fabric and the treatment – from linen and linseed oil to cotton and paraffin wax. The result is a durable and more breathable fabric, with the quality and character to make it a popular choice worldwide.

The Scottish Waxed Cotton dog collars are lined with the hypo allergenic, water resistant French Alsavel Lining. The metal used is a surgical stainless steel and every collar includes the engraveable Hennessy & Sons name tag. The collars are available in black, blue, and green.

Sizing Guidelines

The sizes below indicate the range of the dog collar from the smallest loop to the largest and not the exact size of the neck. A small amount of space should always be allowed between the neck size and collar size:

Small:                   18cm - 25cm / 7-10 inches; width 14mm

Medium:               29cm - 35cm / 11.5-14 inches; width 18mm

Large:                   38cm - 46cm  / 15-18.5 inches; width 22mm

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