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'The Cromwell' Pink Shetland Wool Dog Collar

'The Cromwell' Pink Shetland Wool Dog Collar



Classic and elegant, The Cromwell Pink Shetland Wool Dog Collar has timeless style that embraces leather craft.

It is perfectly tailored for every day luxury featuring signature design details such as the iconic Teddy Maximus emboss and solid brass hardware such as the square bridle buckle. 

Shades of heather, pink, plum and damson make the Shetland wool detail a sophisticated choice, which perfectly compliments the finest Italian leather from Tuscany. The leather will relax and soften with age and use, enhancing the natural characteristics.

Made in England by a fine Leathersmith.


  • Tiny: 8 -11 " e.g. Minature Dachshunds/Puppys/Chihuahuas
  • Small: 12 - 14" e.g. Cavaliers/Jack Russells/Small Terriers
  • Medium: 14 - 18" e.g. Dalmatians/Schnauzers/Cocker Spaniels/Large Terriers/Springer Spaniels/Vizslas
  • Large: 18- 22" e.g. GreatDane/Labrador/Mastiff

We suggest measuring your dog before placing an order.

Going away for the weekend? Be sure to pack the matching lead and bow tie! 

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